Hey y’all!

Header_1I always want to say y’all but I never do, so I think for a first blog it’s somewhat acceptable. I just wanted to welcome everyone to the new site and to the online Hillbetty clothing store. Finally, things are falling into place and all my ideas/business plans are being completed. I’ve had these dreams for a long time…

I’ve gotten many messages asking how and when I came up with the idea for Hillbetty and honestly, it just randomly came to me one day. A couple of years ago the idea popped up in my head and I quickly wrote it down in my phone and for months I didn’t think about it. Then one day, I was driving in my car and started humming this melody (which means my songwriting spidey sense is tingling). The first lyrics I began to sing were, “if you’re a Hillbetty, get ready, we’re taking over this town, if you’re a Hillbetty, sing it with me now!” I couldn’t believe it. I knew I had a new song that I had to record.

A few days after I had written the song “Hillbetty,” I started to think about ways to get people to take notice. Marketing strategies are THE most important part of this business and because I didn’t have an entire team behind me, I had to be clever and come up with everything on my own. My mother has always been very good with business, she’s like this super business woman and once I told her my idea for the clothing line Hillbetty (after planning it for months so that it was prepared), she was shocked. She thought it was an amazing idea. I explained to her, that as a county girl, I didn’t know of a brand I could buy that I could wear to a concert or mud bogging or even just wear on my farm. She agreed. From there, we made the plans, designed, sent in the orders etc. I want the shirts to be made with love, by a country girl, for a country girl.

You’ll notice on this website, that my new songs, “Backwoods Saturday Night,” “Hillbetty” and “Look Good In Your Truck” are not available to listen to yet. As soon as the mixing and mastering is complete, you will get to listen to the songs for FREE on this website and YouTube. I’m so excited for you guys to hear “Backwoods Saturday Night.” This song is super special and in the weeks to come I will be explaining how each song was written, where the ideas came from and just how long it takes to write songs and record.

So Hillbillies and Hillbetties, until next time, stay country!



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