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hosting_adrienneHey to all the Hillbillies and Hillbetties out there!

So, my weekend was pretty eventful. Between promoting my Hillbetty clothing line, hosting, performing and doing interviews on a TV series… I am exhausted to say the least. I’ve been chilling out tonight in some sweatpants with my hair in a super messy bun and some Netflix to entertain me (super into American Horror Story right now).

First off I guess I should explain the filming process and how it all came about…  Basically I performed on a TV series called Ottawa Originals on Rogers TV back in the spring, then I was contacted by the producers to have a hosting job for the next show that they decide to put on. This time the show was organized by Cogeco TV and it is called Music Volume. We filmed 6 artists yesterday in Perth with a full set. The day was SUPER DUPER long. I showed up at 1 (it was a two hour trip) and the set wasn’t quite ready. This gave my co-host Amanda and I some time to talk about the show, practice our lines and just hang out together. The set was really neat with over 5 cameras surrounding the stage area and a WHOLE lot of equipment. I had to do interviews with each artist and have five minutes worth of questions to ask. I had written up most of the questions myself and took it upon myself to research each artist.

The intros and outros of the show were to be filmed but Amanda, my co-host is filming a movie so she had to bail out earlier. In a month we are meeting up to do the intros and outros together and our interviews.

I also performed on the show with a full band… Thank god, because I was getting pretty antsy not having the full band. All I want now is a fiddle player… Fingers crossed a fiddle player is reading this and decides to step up haha! So, Evan Massey who is an AMAZING guitar player, Eric Morotti who is an INCREDIBLE drummer stepped up to help me out and perform with me on the show. They also played on my latest demo CD which will be out SOON. Cory Wilson, my bass player/super adorable boyfriend also performed with me and of course… my dad Brent played guitar. My dad rocked a Harley Davidson cowboy hat, boots and an ALL black dress shirt and pants. He’s just so cool, it’s impossible for me to keep up with his coolness.

I have had a whole lot of messages asking about Hillbetty and how it is going… It is going amazing! I’ve had an unreal amount of online orders I could barely keep up with them the first week and it is continuously growing. I want to thank everyone who ordered a shirt, I’m so grateful that there has been a great response for this brand.

I decided to create Hillbetty, because I thought… Why isn’t there a country girl brand out there? With a bunch more designs coming out, I’m pretty stoked for the future of the company.

So, once again, thank YOU for reading and stay posted for more blogs, music and Hillbetty news.

Stay country,


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