Hillbetty Holidays

holidayhillbetty copyHey ya’ll!

I wanted to give a quick little update on what’s been going on in my life! So, I will be revamping (so to say) my YouTube channel and adding new videos then slowly getting rid of the old ones. I really want to showcase the new stuff I’ve been doing, my original songs, covers etc. I was also thinking about adding a little more vlogs and doing some video diaries on my YouTube channel, but I was wondering what you guys think? I thought I could start bringing my camera along with me and show my everyday life and what I do. But it’s all up to you GUYS! Comment below and let me know what you think.

OH, and go check out the Hillbetty clothing sale right now! It’s the twelve days of Christmas sale on the site so click above under Hillbetty Clothing and check out the sales in the online store.

Happy hillbilly/hillbetty holidays!




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