Backwoods Saturday Night

Photo by Josh Brown

Hey ya’ll!
So I know I haven’t updated this blog in a while but I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I’ve been so caught up in my own world these past few months.
A lot has happened so I will explain in shorter form… So a record label discovered me. The label has another artist that most people would know named Jordan McIntosh. Then I was sent down to Nashville to record THREE songs. Then I filmed a TV series as the host for a show called Music Volume. Oh, and before all of this I got an English bulldog named Earl… I feel like that was a huge life event because he is now like my child. He will tour with me :) I was played on major country music stations like Country 101.1, Star 96.7 and Star 97.5. Now, my song Backwoods Saturday Night is on iTunes that I am super excited about.
Phew, that covers a lot of it I think. I could go into major detail because as a songwriter I do love telling stories. It can be annoying talking with me in person when I have a lengthy story to tell because I go into every detail.
At the stage I am at right now, I need everyone to REQUEST request request! I need help to get the word out and get this single on every Canadian country music station. :) It’s all about requesting and the fans.
I want to thank everyone who has been inbox messaging me, calling, texting, emailing, etc. and telling me they downloaded my song, they love it and they have requested the song on their local country music station. You can download from iTunes
I also want to thank Brian Burton at Star 96.7 who has supported me from the beginning :) And, I would like to thank Amanda Kingsland at Country 101.1 for the amazing opportunity to be on The Fresh Crop. She has the best radio voice if you haven’t heard it already and can make any biography or introduction sound cooler than it actually is :) I also want to thank Star 97.5 in Kemptville and Diana Fisher for the awesome interview. She was extremely nice and such an awesome announcer on the station.
I want to send a huge thank you to Josh Brown for the photo shoot. The photo in this blog was one taken by Josh . . . thanks!!
Well, I think I managed to explain a lot in a short period of time. I thought this may be a lot longer but I tried to summarize. I will definitely keep up with the blogs more often.
I have a photo shoot tomorrow with a full team of stylists, hairdresser, makeup artist and a professional photographer :) Wish me luck! Can’t wait for everyone to see the photos.
Love to all my hillbillies and hillbetties!

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