Looking back at 2014

Photo Kaja Tirrul
Photo Kaja Tirrul

At the beginning of 2014, I had truly considered putting music on hold and moving on in my life without it. I had received an anonymous comment on my social media telling me that I should just give up on songwriting/singing. I must have cried for at least an hour over that. I thought to myself, ‘ok, I am done. No more songwriting, I am over this journey.’

The hour of crying passed and my guitar was sitting in the corner of my room. I went and picked it up and sat down at my kitchen table. I started playing and lyrics started coming to my mind and riffs and then before I knew it I had written a song. It was written within 15 to 20 minutes.

After that, I knew there was nothing I loved more than songwriting. I love singing and playing guitar. Don’t get me wrong but there is something about writing a song that is a completely different feeling. If I truly love a song it is always because of the lyrics and melody. I honestly get overly emotional listening to songs I absolutely love. I’m not just talking sad songs, I am talking any genre – pop, country, metal, rap, rock, hardcore, etc., etc. It doesn’t matter what genre. It’s what the song is about and how it makes me feel. How the lyrics capture me. Even as I am writing this right now I realize just how passionate I am about songs.

See, I already went off track talking about lyrics and how they make me feel. Back to my story. I ended up looking into record labels, recording studios, etc. Before I knew it, I was in Nashville recording three songs I had written. My first ever single “Backwoods Saturday Night” hit radio. Honestly, the feedback and love I have gotten for this song is overwhelming. But a good overwhelming. I love everyone’s messages. I love seeing a video of the song playing it your car. It’s amazing. Thank YOU so much for everything you have done for me. It’s you guys that have made this happen. You are all behind me in this and I honestly feel like you guys are my best friends coming along on this journey with me. Hence, this overly long blog. Opps! I just want you to feel like you are along for the ride.

I went to the CCMA’s this year in Edmonton, Alberta. And THAT was a highlight of my year. What an amazing experience. Possibly the coolest thing about it was meeting Gord Bamford and him recognizing me right away without me even having to introduce myself. I met Kira Isabella, honestly the sweetest girl ever and so talented. Plus, her style is unreal. I met Carly McKillip (One More Girl), who is just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. I met Brett Wilson (Dragon’s Den) who is unbelievably hilarious and I felt as though I had known him for years. I got to meet Carleton Place country music girl Brea Lawrenson known in and around the Ottawa area. She is the sweetest and super fun to hang out with. The best breakfast friend you could have. I got to met The Stellas and their daughters Lennon and Maisy. You might know them from the show Nashville. Anyways, the list goes ON and on. Every single person I met at the CCMA’s was kind, generous and gracious. I admired every one of them. What an amazing community to be in. Canadian country music is incredible.

I could go on and on about this year. Now, it did have its hard times. I always say to my boyfriend Cory that I feel like I am an emotional, dramatic roller coaster because I am a songwriter. I personally think I feel everything a little more than others. I overthink and overanalyze. Let’s just hope it’s because I am a songwriter, hehe.

I want to finish off this incredibly lengthy blog with a THANK YOU. A thank you to all of you who encouraged me, supported, called up radios stations to request my song, wrote me inbox messages, etc., etc. You are the reason I do this. You are the reason I keep on going. And those days when I am feeling a little down. I go to your profiles, like your photos, read the messages you’ve sent me. You are the reason for my smile everyday. So thank you to all of you for the support. Keep following me on this journey. I need you to keep this smile on my face for the rest of it.

Let’s make 2015 an amazing year!

“3000 Words,” my newest single, comes out January 5 to radio. Let’s get it in the top 50 on the Canadian Country Radio music charts. Let’s do this!

Love you to the stars, the moon and back (Earl loves you all as much as he loves food and naps),


P.S. Never give up on your dreams. Fight with everything you have for whatever you want. I promise you results will show.

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