Adrienne_Taylor_5So it’s been SUCH a long time since I wrote a blog on this website. I am the laziest typer out there haha. But, I figured since it’s such a big day for me today I had to write something up.

My newest single Boom is out today. Like whattttt?! Finally, a new single is out. As an independent this is so amazing because I have full creative control with everything I do.

I wrote my new single Boom and chose my producer and studio that I wanted. Also, all the promotional work you see is designed by yours truly :) I love being able to share new songs with you guys. I just love songwriting and the entire reason why I do this is because my passion for songwriting keeps me going.

Boom was written only months ago just before I went to Nashville to record. I had to have six songs for my upcoming EP entitled Tumbleweed. I had songs written and could have used plently of old songs I wrote but I wanted a lot of new content and wanted to push myself to write at least four new songs before I recorded.

I am BEYOND excited to release my new EP this summer and show off the songs that I put my heart and soul into. Knowing that Boom is coming out I just can’t believe it. I am beyond excited for this.

When I started writing poetry at twelve years old I never would have guessed or even dreamed that I would be releasing my forth single to Canadian Country radio. Country radio has been so good to me. Thank you to all of the program and music directors for their love and support. Means so much to me.

Cannot wait to see what happens with my new single Boom. Thank you for supporting me and my music.

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